Profitability Analysis of Rice Production in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria



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Ahmed, U, Ahmed, M.A., & Salihu, A. (2023). Profitability Analysis of Rice Production in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences, 9(1), 1-13. Retrieved from


he study analyzed the Profitability of Rice Production in Hong Local government Area of
Adamawa State, Nigeria. A multi stage random sampling technique was used to sample 188 rice
farmers. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics for the socio-economic
characteristics while gross margin technique and net farm income were used to analyze the profit.
The result revealed that rice production is a viable venture as farmers earned a gross margin and
net farm income of N68,509.40/ha and N59,152.01/ha respectively. It was further revealed that
majority (70.74%) of the respondents were male, 69.68% were within the age of 31-50 years,
68.62% were married, majority (80%) of the farmers having a large household size, 76% of the
farmers have attained one form of education or the other and 76.6% of the respondents had farm
size ranging from 0.1-1.5ha. Also, the major constraints that farmers encountered were high cost
of labour, high cost of inputs, inadequate capital, land fragmentation and inadequate new
technology. The study recommends the need for government support in providing usefull
intimation that can facilitate farmers’ access to prevailing of price of rice, farmers to be given
proper orientation and/or basic trainings in major farm management techniques and with the
constraints confronting rice farmers and also there is need for both governmental and nongovernmental
organizations to grant soft loan to rice farmers to enable them addressed some of
the constraints.



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