Analysis of Price Fluctuation and its Effect on Marketing of Smoked Fish in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, Borno State, Nigeria


Price fluctuation
Smoked fish
fish market
Borno State

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Jibrin, S. A., Bulama, Y. M, Idi, A. S. and, & Orjiakor, C. C. (2023). Analysis of Price Fluctuation and its Effect on Marketing of Smoked Fish in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, Borno State, Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences, 9(1), 186-200. Retrieved from


This study examined the analysis of price fluctuation of smoked fish and its effect in Maiduguri
metropolitan council of Borno State. Data collected for the study were obtained from both primary
and secondary data source. Primary data were obtained through the use of structure questionnaire
and market survey while secondary source of information were obtained from journals and
internet. Fifty Questionnaires were randomly distributed to the smoked fish marketers in
Maiduguri Monday Market and Baga Road Fish Market. The data were analyzed using both
descriptive and inferential statistical tools. Result showed that majority of the respondents were
young (40.0%), literate (100%) married (34.0%), men (74.0%) that had 11-15 years of marketing
experience (46.0%) and household sizes of 6-11persons (72.0%). Also most of the smoked fish
sellers obtained their funds from family and friends (34%) and most of the marketers were retailers
(72.0%). The study revealed that the major (70.0%) cause of price fluctuation in the study area
was cost of transportation. Findings indicate that fish size, fish quantity, consumer’s choice
influenced the price of smoke fish to fluctuate in the study area. Also, average marketer earned
₦4,300.00 as gross margin per 50kg carton. The major constraint to smoked fish marketing is cost
of transportation (60.0%). Based on the findings of this study, it is concluded that fish marketing
is a profitable and efficient venture. Therefore, farmers and young graduate should be encouraged
to venture into the business which would help reduce unemployment among young educated
Nigerians. Also construction of good roads and reduction of fuel price by government in other to
reduce high cost of transporting smoked fish was recommended.



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