Assessment of Early Growth Response of Albizia lebbeck to Different Seed Sources, Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers in the Nursery


Albizi lebbeck
seed source
inorganic fertilizer
organic fertilizer and seedlings.

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SOBA, T.M., CLEMENT, S. A., NDAGI, H. I., OBADIAH, C., & ABDULMALIK, A. (2023). Assessment of Early Growth Response of Albizia lebbeck to Different Seed Sources, Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers in the Nursery. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences, 9(1), 249-262. Retrieved from


A field experiment was carried out to assess the effects of seed source, NPK fertilizer and organic
fertilizers on the early growth parameters of womens toung (Alibizia lebbeck). The experiment was
conducted at the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Faculty of Agriculture Shabu-
Lafia Campus, Nasarawa State University Keffi. It was laid out in a Randomized Completely Block
Design (RCBD), analyzed with respect to three sources of seed and three (3) types of manure, the
growth variables measured were: plant height, collar girth, leaves number, leave length, and leave
width. The results of parameter assessed on the basis of locations shows that seedlings from
Wamba had the highest mean height of 8.19±2.60cm at 14 week, closely followed by seedling from
Keffi with mean height of 7.93±2.36cm while seedling from Lafia had the least mean height of
7.32±2.23cm. The result of leave count revealed that seedling from Wamba had the highest leave
count of 90.71±41.72 followed by Keffi with 81.84±39.39 while leave count of seedlings from Lafia
had the least leave count of 77.71±35.83. The result of growth variables revealed that,
Albizialebbeck seedlings treated with NPKwere7.66±2.18cm for height, 1.68±0.48mm for collar
girth, 95.42±38.81 for number of leaf, 1.39±0.54cmfor leave length while mean value of seedlings
treated with poultry dropping were 8.65±2.76cm for height, 1.83±0.46mm for collar girth,
101.01±38.48 for number of leaves, 1.47±0.58cm for leave length while mean value of seedlings
treated with cow dung were 8.45±1.99cm for height, 1.55±0.49mm for collar girth 85.91±23.42 for
number of leaves, and 1.23±0.53cm for leave length. The result of the ANOVA revealed that, the
effects of location and all the treatments were highly significant on plant height, collar girth,
number of leaves, leave length and leave width respectively at P<0.05 probability level. It is
evidence from this study that seeds from different source demonstrated different growth
performance. It also showed that organic manure (poultry dropping) support rapid growth of
Albizialebbeck seedlings more appropriately in the nursery.



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