Genetic factors
Non genetic factors
milk yield and milk composition

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J. Adamu. (2021). GENETIC AND NON GENETIC (ENVIRONMENTAL) FACTORS AFFECTING MILK YIELD AND COMPOSITION OF SMALL RUMINANT (A REVIEW). Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences, 7(1), 45-60. Retrieved from


This review aimed at assessing the genetic and non-genetic factors (environmental factors)
affecting milk yield and composition of small ruminant in the tropics. The main objectives of
the review is to highlight on the variation in milk yield and composition in sheep and goats as
it relates to breeds or genotype differences .Different breeds were reported to expressed
differences in their genetic potential for milk yield and composition. Nutrition and genetic
makeup of sheep and goats greatly influenced milk yield and composition. Nutrition
inadequacy affect milk production observed significant effect of season on milk production.
The highest milk fat and protein were attained in the 3rd and 4th lactation for both sheep and
goats respectively. The effect of age on milk yield and composition were significantly affected.
The differences had been attributed to genetic makeup. Beside animal factor season influenced
milk production, nutrition and management practices carried out.



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