Status and Distribution of Micronutrients in Selected Soil Orders of the Northern Savannah Region of Nigeria


available micronutrients
sustainable crop production

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Mustapha, Aishat Ayobami. (2021). Status and Distribution of Micronutrients in Selected Soil Orders of the Northern Savannah Region of Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences, 7(1), 189-201. Retrieved from


A study was carried out to determine the status and distribution of available copper (Cu), Iron
(Fe), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) across different soil orders within the northern savannah
region of Nigeria. Soils were sampled from four savannah ecological zones in Nigeria; derived
savannah, northern guinea savannah, southern guinea savannah and Sudan savannah. Ten
samples were collected at a depth of 0 -20 cm from two different soil orders in the region. The
soil was analyzed for pH, particle size distribution as well as extractable micronutrient contents.
The Alfisols of the Derived savannah were observed to have the highest mean content of Cu,
Fe and Zn of 6.20 mg kg-1, 17.40 mg kg-1 and 18.29 mg kg-1 respectively. The lowest contents
of Cu (2.57 mg kg-1), Fe (3.31 mg kg-1) and Zn (3.11 mg kg-1) were observed in the Alfisols
of the Sudan savannah. Manganese was observed to have the highest concentration of 38.08
mg kg-1 in the Vertisols of the Derived savannah while the lowest content of 5.72 mg kg-1 was
obtained in the Alfisols of the Southern Guinea savannah. Generally, the contents of the
micronutrients across the soil orders were in the high category except for Fe in the Inceptisols
of the Sudan savannah which fell in the medium category. Arable crop production will not
require an application of these micronutrients across all the locations.



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