Growth and Yield of Tomato in Response to Application of Different Organic Manures on an Alfisol in Mokwa Southern Guinea Savannah, Niger State, Nigeria


organic manure
kitchen waste
cow dung
poultry droppings

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Mohammed. T, Ibrahim, H., Mohammed, A, & Mohammed, S. G. (2021). Growth and Yield of Tomato in Response to Application of Different Organic Manures on an Alfisol in Mokwa Southern Guinea Savannah, Niger State, Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences, 7(2), 11-17. Retrieved from


The study was carried out to investigate the effects of different organic manure sources to access the growth and yield of tomato in Mokwa Southern guinea savannah ecological zone of Nigeria. The study was carried out in Teaching and Research Farm of Niger State College of Agriculture in 2019 cropping season. Mokwa lies on Longitude 9.23940 N and latitude 5.31030E. The soil samples were collected and analyzed for physical and chemical properties. The treatment consisted of 20t/ha of each of kitchen waste, poultry droppings, cow dung and a control. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. The result of this study revealed that some plant nutrient such as N and P are very low and hence they can be supplemented by some organic manure such as poultry droppings. The optimum yield can be obtained in Mokwa and other agro-ecological zone, if 20t/ha-1 of poultry droppings was applied to 1 hectare of land, the optimum yield can be obtained under good agronomic practices.



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