Perceived Effectiveness of Extension Service Delivery among Women Farmers Household Heads in Borno State, Nigeria


Perceived effectiveness
Women farmers
Household heads

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Shehu, H., Bzugu, Bzugu, P. M., & Abu, I. A. (2021). Perceived Effectiveness of Extension Service Delivery among Women Farmers Household Heads in Borno State, Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences, 7(2), 18-31. Retrieved from


The study assessed the perception of women farmer’s household’s heads on the effectiveness of extension service delivery in Borno state, Nigeria. Both primary and secondary source of information were used for the study. Multistage sampling technique was employed for the study. Structured questionnaire was administered to 270 respondents as the sample size. Descriptive statistics such as frequency, Percentages, means, standard deviation and Likert type scales were used for data analysis. Extension had succeeded in changing traditional to modern farming practices alongside the Knowledge of; modern technologies (4.23), understanding research-based information (2.58), Attitude; less suspicious of scientific recommendations (3.88), more open to using modern technologies (3.43), Skills; more competent in the use of modern farming/ practices (2.58), local feeds formulation (3.09), selection of high valued enterprise (3.39), Aspiration; boast morale towards farming (2.6). Inadequate demonstration materials, inappropriate schedules for extension meetings, lack of cooperation by extension agents, were rated 1st and identified as the most critical problems to effective extension service delivery in the study area. The study recommended that, schedules of extension meetings should take into cognizance the schedule of women with regards to their household chores.



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