Examining Roasted Fish Sellers Energy Preferences in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council



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Adamu, M. M. (2021). Examining Roasted Fish Sellers Energy Preferences in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences, 7(2), 194-200. Retrieved from https://jaeess.com.ng/index.php/jaeess/article/view/122


The study sought to examine roasted fish seller’s energy preferences in Maiduguri
Metropolitan Council area of Borno State. The population for this study included all the
roasted fish sellers in MMC. Thirty (30) roasted fish sellers were randomly selected for the
study. Data were generated through the use of structured questionnaires. Information on age,
sex, educational level, marital status etc. were collected and analyze using descriptive statistics
such as mean, frequency, percentages. The study reveals that Charcoal energy is the most
preferred energy by the respondents in the study area, thus, more consumption implies more
deforestation. As such, other clean alternative fuels should be made affordable and available
for the respondents to boost their businesses. Additionally, afforestation campaigns should be
encouraged by the government and all institutions concerned. Charcoal which is the most
preferred energy used by the respondents has no standard price. There should be a standard
price for this commodity.



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